Look Mom! Productions is a creator-driven production house that develops and produces animated content for adult audiences. And no, this doesn’t include animated porn… at least not yet. 2D animated comedy is our sweet spot, but we enjoy telling interesting stories across the gamut of animation styles and genres. We’ve developed and/or produced original content for, Hulu, Quibi, VRV, Adult Swim in Canada, Teletoon, and Comedy Central UK.





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Joshua Bowen

Joshua Bowen

Executive Producer

After graduating in 2010 Josh wrote and Executive Produced the hit short format animated comedy series Goodwin vs. Badwin. In 2013, Josh joined Blue Ant to launch the adult animated comedy shorts program Bite on Mondo. The shorts were compiled into a series called Night Sweats, which airs on Teletoon and Adult Swim in Canada. Josh is currently spearheading Look Mom! Productions and in his spare time, Josh enjoys writing his bio and referencing himself in the third person.

Gloria Matthews

Gloria Matthews

Production Supervisor

Broadway wasn’t in the cards for Gloria, but she knew she was going to work in the media industry somehow. Over the years she has worked in news, sports, factual, docudrama and lifestyle; it was about time to take the leap into animation. With vast experience as Assistant Director, Production Manager, Director of Production and more, Gloria’s role as Production Supervisor is to ensure creative succeeds within the bounds of schedule and budget, and to keep Josh under control.

Lee Porter

Lee Porter

Director of Development & Voice Director

Since his start as a Recording Engineer Lee has been entrenched in the animation industry and has worked on multiple world-class cartoons. Lee was a constant asset to the Bite on Mondo project, collaborating with many teams of inspired animated talent as a casting agent, voice director, audio engineer, and more – and it was these creative and productive relationships that led to his current role at LMP. Lee has no chin or personality, but he hides these facts with a beard.

Steph Claydon

Steph Claydon

Production Manager

After completing the Ryerson Radio and Television Arts Program Stephanie worked in both advertising and factual television. She got the opportunity to branch out into animation at Blue Ant Media in 2014 working as the Production Manager on adult animated comedy shorts program Bite on Mondo. Nowadays Stephanie continues her Production Management at Look Mom!, which definitely makes her the namesake “Mom” of Look Mom!



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